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To encourage and support the preservation, maintenance, and study of Maine's old cemeteries and their records.

Advisor Resources: Cemetery Preservation

Following is a list of members who have completed one or more MOCA workshops to learn best practices for cleaning and/or preservation of gravestones. They now wish to serve as a resource to others who are interested in preserving our old cemeteries.

All advisors and those interested in learning from them are reminded:

  • Only workshops approved by MOCA via the Gravestone Preservation Workshop Application process may be called “MOCA Workshops”;
  • MOCA neither recommends nor endorses any specific individual or organization;
  • Neither individual members nor businesses/organizations may represent that their work is “MOCA approved” (read more);
  • MOCA encourages those seeking services to require proof of appropriate insurance prior to arranging work on any gravestones;
  • Members who fail to follow MOCA guidelines relating to workshops and/or training sessions will result in removal from this directory.

Click on any name to access contact information.


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