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MIP Cemetery Transcripts

The MIP* cemetery transcripts were compile over a period of several decades by member volunteers. They include inscription data from grave markers in literally THOUSANDS of cemeteries. Before the MIP was begun, researchers would generally head to larger cemeteries in hopes of finding the elusive graveyard holding the remains of an ancestor. However, someone who lived far away with limited time on their hands would be hard pressed to find - let alone visit - a 200-year old family cemetery in the back field of an old deserted farmhouse located a half-mile off the Route 23 county highway road, and 100 feet beyond a cluster of oak trees and bushes, with nothing but a crude slate marker, engraved by hand, that is partially covered by the earth!

Over a period of more than 50 years MOCA volunteers have done the "foot work" to find and transcribe such elusive gravestones. They generously offered hours of their own time to do so, with a sincere desire to preserve the final resting places of departed individuals. 

With the addition of a MOCA members research site, the MIP Cemetery Transcripts moved to a searchable, online database. Transcriptions are now available to members in PDF format using the Cemetery Lookups database or the sitewide search.

Contact us as to format and data collection procedures. Volunteers are urged to submit listings, updates and corrections for this project to:

Cemetery Records Committee

or by mail to:

MOCA Cemetery Records Committee
PO Box 641
Augusta ME 04332-0641

Gravestone Photo
Abigail Burbeck, d. 9 Jul 1790
First Parish Cemetery
Berry's Mills Road, Bath

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